FOURGEST SPORT & EVENTS is a company specialized in managing sports events, sports facilities and sport entities since March 2009, when 4 people with great experience in these sectors decided to join forces and create a modern and professional company.

The vast experience gained through several years of consulting and working with private clubs and local governments, as well as the complete management of sports centers and sport programs, make us the leading company in our sector.

Our main goal is to offer a quality service to our clients, this is possible thanks to our team formed by sports professionals and physical education specialists, constantly advised by a team of lawyers and economists that create a perfectly organized structure.

FOURGEST SPORT & EVENTS is capable of undertaking any tasks private and public organizations may need, handling any issues or requirements our clients might have and adding our consulting skills to ensure the highest return

Sport Consulting

Our highly qualified staff is very experienced in the sector, our team is formed by Physical Education specialists, Sport facilities managers, Sport Monitors, Lifeguards, Stewards and janitors.

At the same time, we work with a professional team of architects, engineers, accountants and civil law experts

Management Projects

Managing sport facilities is one of our main strengths as we are capable of offering the maximum dedication and professionalism adapting to general and specific necessities.

• Social and sport analysis of the place

• Market research

• Strategic planning

• Human resources

• Sport activities program

• Cleaning, maintenance, marketing and economic plans

• Quality planning

Financial Management

A correct financial management is the key factor that must be included in every sport facilities management program.

Before starting any project it is necessary to analyze the required investment, the costs we may need to cover and how to get the most out of our facilities.

We make appropriate decisions depending on the requirements our clients may have after analyzing their financial and social position.

Human Resources

A proper Human Resources recruitment and training ensure a quality management in our sport facilities, that’s why we are in charge of both of these processes.

All our staff engages in a daily relationship with our customers to ensure the best experience possible for our clients.